Emergency Eye Care: When You Should See Your Doctor ASAP

What is an eye emergency?

An eye emergency is an urgent situation that threatens your sight and needs quick medical help. One common eye emergency is when something foreign gets stuck, and knowing the best way to get something out of your eye is essential.

Eye care

These unpleasant situations can show different symptoms. You might feel pain, your vision might be blurry or blocked, your eye could tear up more, or it could turn very red. These signs show that something is wrong and that figuring out the safest and best way to get the foreign object out without hurting your eye more is important.

If you don’t have access to eye drops, you might wonder how to get something out of your eye without eye drops. In this case, washing your eye with clean water could be a good solution.

Even though it sounds simple, washing with water is a good first step to get the foreign thing out. However, remember that the safest and best way to get something out of your eye is to get immediate medical help if the pain doesn’t go away.

Where to go for emergency eye care?

Knowing what to do when you have eye troubles is very helpful. If you are dealing with different eye injury types or if you’re wondering, “Why does my eye hurt?”, it’s very important to get the right help.

If you get something stuck in your eye, figuring out how to get something out of your eye without eye drops can be stressful. One person you could see is an ophthalmologist. They are medical professionals who have been trained to identify and handle all eye injury types, giving you trustworthy and quick treatment.

But what if your eye issue is really serious or happens when your ophthalmologist’s office is closed? In these cases, you should go to an emergency room. They’re open all the time and can deal with many eye injury types. Whether you see an ophthalmologist or visit an emergency room depends on how serious your eye problem is. But if you’re thinking, “Why does my eye hurt?”, don’t wait – get help as soon as you can.

What to do and what not to do if you have an eye injury

Harrel Eye Care recommends following these tips:

Things You Should Do Things You Should Avoid
1. Try to blink a lot: Blinking can help get rid of tiny things stuck in your eye. 1. Don’t rub your eyes: Rubbing might hurt your eye more, maybe even scratch it.
2. Rinse your eye with clean, warm water: This can help get rid of something stuck in your eye for days. 2. Never use sharp tools: Don’t try to get something out of your eye with pointy things. It could really hurt your eye.
3. Get help from a doctor: If your eye still hurts, see an eye doctor or go to the emergency room, especially if you have something stuck in your eye for days. 3. Do not overlook persistent discomfort: If you’re wondering, ‘Why is my eye swollen and hurts when I blink’, don’t dismiss it. This could indicate a serious injury to your eye.
4. Protect your hurt eye: If your eye hurts, cover it with a shield or wear sunglasses until you can see a doctor. 4. You shouldn’t take medicine unless a doctor tells you to. Taking medicine that a doctor didn’t tell you to take could make your eye worse.

Urgent care

During an eye-related emergency, quick action is essential. Eye emergencies, like the sudden loss of vision or objects stuck in the eye, or when you do not know how to flush debris out of the eye can be stressful. To lessen harm and protect your sight, fast access to emergency medical care is vital.

Remember that time is crucial and getting professional assistance right away, such as looking up an “eye doctor urgent care near me” is key. Especially when trying to figure out how to get something out of your eye without eye drops.

When should a patient seek emergency eye care?

Emergency eye care is vital, and knowing when to get quick help is important for keeping our sight safe. Catching big eye problems early can help avoid serious vision loss. Here are ten times when you should search for “eye doctor urgent care near me”:

  1. Chemical Burns or Splashes

    Dangerous chemicals can burn your eyes, creating eye emergencies that will have you asking ‘why does my eye hurt?’ require immediate attention. If your job uses chemicals that affected your eyes, you need to get emergency eye care fast as they know the best way to get something out of your eye to stop more damage.

  2. Eye Trauma (Traumatic eye injury/accidents)

    Bad eye accidents, like a strong hit to the eye, need quick care. Don’t touch the eye or try to figure out on your own how to flush debris out of the eye and get to a doctor right away.

  3. Foreign body in the eye (Small and large foreign objects in the eye)

    Small or big things in your eye can hurt a lot and possibly cause serious eye issues. If you can’t rinse out the object, you need to look up an “eye doctor urgent care near me”  to acquire the best way to get something out of your eye.

  4. Flashes of light + floaters

    If you suddenly see flashes of light or floaters, or if you start seeing more floaters than usual, your retina might be detaching. This is a big problem that needs fast help.

  5. Sudden change in vision

    If your sight changes all of a sudden, like getting blurry, losing sight, or seeing double, it could be a sign of many problems. For example macular degeneration, a stroke, or glaucoma. Quick help from a professional can stop you from losing your sight forever.

  6. Redness

    Your eyes might get red and you might have trouble seeing or sometimes the lights seem too bright, it might be a serious problem like uveitis or keratitis. You need to see an eye doctor for eye emergencies like these.

  7. Different size pupils (pupil anisocoria)

    If your pupils are different sizes, it could mean there’s a serious problem like an aneurysm, brain tumor, or stroke. Get help from an eye doctor straight away.

  8. Bulging eyes (proptosis/exophthalmos)

    Your eyes might look like they’re sticking out, it might mean you have Graves’ disease or a tumor behind your eye. In this case, you need to see a doctor right away.

  9. Headaches, Glaucoma, and Family History

    If you get headaches a lot if glaucoma runs in your family, or if you show signs of glaucoma, you need to see an eye doctor straight away. Glaucoma can make you lose your sight forever quietly if you don’t treat it quickly.

  10. Lost/Broken Contacts

    If a contact lens breaks or gets lost in your eye, it can hurt your eye and you might feel disturbed with something stuck in your eye for days. If you try to take it out yourself, you might scratch your cornea. If you can’t take out the lens easily, get help from a professional.

What Can I Do to Protect My Eyes From Injury?

Keeping your eyes safe is really important for your health. This can help you avoid worrying questions like, ‘Why does my eye hurt?’ or ‘Why is my eye swollen and hurts when I blink?’

Using safety steps can help protect your eyes. Wearing safety goggles during risky activities like sports or DIY work can stop things from getting stuck in your eye. Choose sunglasses with UV protection to protect your eyes from sun damage, which is notorious for causing different eye injury types.

Washing your hands regularly can stop infections. When dealing with an issue such as figuring out how to get something out of your eye without eye drops and it’s really important to be careful with fireworks or chemicals.

Regular eye doctor visits can help you stop searching the internet about things like ‘Why is my eye swollen and hurts when I blink?’ and ‘How to flush debris out of the eye’


  1. What are the usual indications of eye emergencies?

Understanding the warning signs of an eye emergency is crucial for getting the right help quickly. Typical symptoms are intense eye pain, sudden loss of sight, seeing flashing lights or a very dry eye, blurry vision, or the feeling of something stuck in the eye for days. Pay attention to these symptoms because they often mean you need urgent care.

  1. Is it safe for me to drive to the hospital during an eye emergency?

During emergency hours, driving yourself might not be safe due to visual impairment. It’s better if someone else drives you to the emergency room, or you call an ambulance. Remember, it’s important to keep your sight safe and avoid unnecessary risks.

  1. Can a minor eye injury lead to loss of vision?

Even small eye injuries could lead to loss of sight if not treated correctly. Always get medical help for any eye injury, no matter how minor it may look.

  1. What are the typical causes of eye injuries?

Eye injuries can happen because of many things like stuff getting in your eye, burns from chemicals, being hit in the eye, bright lights, certain illnesses, or if you notice yourself searching ‘Why is my eye swollen and hurts when I blink’ and ‘how to flush debris out of eye’

Always use safety glasses when needed and keep your surroundings safe.

  1. Is it possible for an eye injury to recover by itself?

Eye injuries may heal by themselves if they’re minor. However, serious injuries, particularly those involving the eyelid or causing parts of the eye to move, necessitate immediate professional help. Delaying medical intervention can lead to complications like severe infection, potentially causing permanent loss of sight.


To sum it up, always keep a close watch on your peepers! Notice any changes in your eyes or how you see. Like those sneaky remote controls, eye problems can also hide right under our noses. So, instead of chuckling over another “I spy with my little eye…” pun, make sure to look up for ‘eye doctor urgent care near me’

The adventure of keeping your sight in check is truly enlightening, isn’t it?