Best Glasses for Round Faces: Female & Male

Let’s not beat around the bush, glasses are fashionable, but without the right shape it isn’t flattering. To choose the best face glasses for round face, you need to consider the shape, size, and other crucial factors. This detailed guide will help you shop the most flattering options available.

But first:

What is My Face Shape?

Learning about your face shape is not only essential for picking out glasses, but also, hairstyles, makeup placements, and many others. In addition, it allows you to understand the areas of your face you need to emphasize and “hide” for a flattering look. What’s interesting is most people believe they can tell their face shapes by staring at the mirror.

However, there’s more to it than observing. Below are the proper methods to ascertain the shape of your face.

  • Measure the length of your face: Use a measuring tape to measure from your hairline to the lowest part of your chin.
  • Measure the width of your forehead: Measure the distance between both sides of your hairline. Keep the tape straight without bending it to your forehead curve.
  • Measure the width of your cheekbones: For the most accurate measure of your cheekbones, focus on the highest points. Measure the distance between both cheekbones without bending the measuring tape.
  • Measure the width of your jawline: Place the measuring underneath your ears, measure the distance between that point and your chin. Multiply the figure by two and you have your jawline width. You can bend the tape to suit your jawline for a correct measurement.

Aside from a measuring tape, you can also use a face shape detector app via your mobile phone. Better still, get professional help to prevent any mistakes. The figures you get will help you understand what shape of face you have- Round, Triangle, Square, Oval, Diamond, Rectangle, Heart.

How To Tell If You Have A Round Face

Round faces usually have the same measurements for nearly every area. So if the measurements of your jaw and forehead are similar, and the length and width of your cheekbones are close, you have a round face. Another way to tell if you have a round face is to consider if your features are smooth or defined.

For instance, are your cheeks and jaw angled or full? Is your chin pointed or squared off? If you have full cheeks, rounded chin, and smooth jaw, then you have a round face! Your next question is probably how to look good in glasses with a round face. We’ve got all the necessary tips for both men and women.

Top-6 Glasses Shapes that look Best on Round Female Face

Now that you’ve figured out that you in fact have a gorgeous round face, it’s time to get the best woman glasses for face shape. Even though women and men have round faces, there are some differences that will influence your choice. Women’s faces are mostly smaller with less prominent features such as cheekbones, eyebrows, noses, and others. As a result, the shape of women’s glasses are usually different from men’s.

Below are the best sunglasses for round face female:

Square Glasses

Square glasses are a classic shape that is perfect for a round face. This shape features straight lines which offer a proportional balance to the smooth roundness of your face. The contrast between both shapes is flattering because it elongates your face and takes away from the width. Depending on your needs, you can get square glasses in both prescription and sunglasses.

Rectangle Glasses

Rectangle shaped glasses for round face is another classic that you cannot ignore. Similar to the square shaped eyeglasses, rectangle glasses add dimension to your face. Thus, softening your features for proper balance and a more elongated frame. In addition, rectangle glasses are universally flattering, because of its wide lenses and straight borders. Furthermore, it’s the most recommended choice for reading glasses.

Geometric Glasses

Geometric glasses are a favorite for woman glasses for face shape. Thanks to the unconventional lines and angles you get with these types of glasses; it makes the roundness of your face less obvious. In addition, geometric sunglasses are fun and fashionable. Whether you prefer hexagonal shapes with several angular facets or a simple option, it works.

Cat-Eye Glasses

Cat-eye sunglasses have been in trend for several years, especially for women with round face. Cat eye glasses are one of the most popular geometric glasses for women. They feature an upswept angle at the side of both lenses that gives the illusion of a lift. This flattering shape keeps the focus on your brows and eyes while making your cheeks and jaw appear slimmer. Depending on your outfit, you can always find cat eye glasses to suit any occasion.

Browline Glasses

Browline glasses are a timeless piece of accessory that has been popular since the 80s. With a bold rim, browline glasses highlight your brows and accentuate your eyes. Thus, removing the focus from your rounded cheeks and jaw. Since these glasses have a thin bottom in the lenses, they take away from the fullness of the cheeks and jaw. This balances out the fullness of the face for a slimmer frame.

Oversized Frames

Oversized frames are great for round faces because of the bold contrast to the full features. While some people believe bold sunglasses hide facial features, it actually helps to balance the overall frame. These types of sunglasses make the fullness and roundness of your face less obvious and beautiful.

Top-5 Glasses Shapes that look Best on Round Male Face

To choose the best trendy mens glasses styles, face shape matters. Unlike women men have more prominent and larger bones. As a result, many men with round faces have chiseled cheekbones compared to women. Nevertheless, it’s also important to pick out the best shapes to accentuate your features.

Below are the four best glasses for face shapes male:

Square Glasses

The straight lines of square glasses give the face definition and balance. In addition, its bold and geometric corners hide the roundness of the cheeks with ease. Even though men have more prominent bone structures than women, it still works perfectly. Square glasses are flattering and excellent for different professional and relaxed events.

Rectangle Glasses

Rectangle glasses for men are universal and fit different face shapes. But it’s especially ideal for round and oval faces because it offsets the roundness of the cheeks and jaw. Thus, creating a more masculine look. These classic glass shapes are still in trend in 2023 and would likely remain so for a while.

Geometric Glasses

Geometric glasses are some of the most trendy sunglasses right now, especially Aviation glasses. Aviation glasses are simple geometric glasses with a straight rim and rounded angular sides. These glasses are great for men with round faces because they highlight the eyes while hiding the roundness of the face. Plus, it’s a more masculine shape compared to other geometric glasses.

Browline Glasses

Browline glasses are specifically designed to draw all of the attention to your natural eyebrows. The upper portion of the frame is thicker than the bottom for this specific reason. This feature for men with round faces is good news because it keeps the focus on the upper part of your face. Thus, offsetting the roundness of your cheeks and lower part of your face.

What Color Should I Choose?

Now that you’ve chosen the shape of glasses you need, it’s time to pick a color. Akin to clothes and other accessories, the color of your glasses can elevate or downplay your features drastically. To pick the perfect eyeglass color, you need to either choose a color close to your features or a contrast that makes them stand out.

If you understand color theory, this area should be a breeze. But if you don’t, here’s a guide to help you:

Skin Tone

Different skin tones and undertones exist and learning about yours is key to choosing the perfect eyeglass color. The colors that compliment cool undertones are different for warm undertones, and the same theory goes for complexion.

Here are the different skin complexions, undertones, and preferable complimenting colors;

  1. Light Skin & Warm Undertones: You fall into this category if you have fair or peachy skin with green or yellow undertones. Deep browns, reds, and corals will make your skin pop. Avoid any shade of blue, as they will make you look pale.
  2. Light Skin & Cool Undertones: People with this skin complexion have blue undertones and a pink hue. Lean towards light colors such as pastels and baby pink. Beige is also an amazing color that compliments your skin. Greens and yellows, on the other hand, isn’t a great contrast for you.
  3. Medium Skin & Warm Undertones: For this category, consider earthy colors, browns, amber, and metallic glasses. However, cool jewel tones because they will appear washed.
  4. Medium Skin & Cool Undertones: If you fall in this category, you have blue undertones and pink hue to your skin. Blue, burgundy, purple, and even Black glasses will look amazing against your skin. But avoid warm and muted shades of every color.
  5. Deep Skin & Warm Undertones: People in this category have yellow undertones and can pull off nearly all colors. Dark browns, peaches, greens, reds, gold, and many others.
  6. Deep Skin & Cool Undertones: If you have bluish undertones with rich deep skin, you will look stunning in blues. Smokey purples, burgundy, and gunmetal glasses will be perfect for you.

Eye Color

Unless you’re opting for tinted glasses, your eye color is a deciding factor for the color of your glasses. Pay attention to the color of your iris and choose colors that resemble it or provide a contrast. This will give you either a subdued or bold look.

  • Brown Eyes: Most people have brown eyes, which makes them the most common, and luckily, the most versatile. Black, warm browns, earthy colors, olives, and many more suit this eye color.
  • Blue Eyes: If you have blue eyes, it’s best to stick within the same range. Consider brown frames for a neutral look and bright options such as red & oranges to make your eyes pop.
  • Hazel Eyes: Hazel eyes have a stunning combination of brown, gold, green hues. Depending on the color of glass frames you choose, one of those colors will be more obvious than others. For instance, emerald green frames will bring out the green while honey will highlight the gold. You have many colors to choose from.
  • Green Eyes: Green eyes are beautiful and striking. Warm colors such as browns, caramel, and gold metallic frames can make your eyes sparkle. You can also try lilac and dusty pink for an appealing contrast.
  • Gray Eyes: Gray eyes are peculiar, as not a lot of people have them. It’s characteristically pale, which means you need deep colors to accentuate them. So, you need to lean towards Black, burgundy, blue, and plum.

Hair Color

Selecting an eyeglass color that compliments your hair color is another way to make a statement. Whether you prefer a mild or bold color contrast, there are several colors you can choose from. The first thing you need to know about hair color is that the undertones also matter.

  1. Black Hair: Black hair is never fully black- you either have brownish or bluish black. If you have brownish black hair, deep browns and earth tones are perfect. However, if your hair is bluish black then you need to consider cool colors such as violets and green.
  2. Brown Hair: For brown hair with golden or auburn undertones consider warm colors like browns and reds. Green and gold are also cool colors that compliment warm brown hair nicely. However, brunettes should lean towards beige, blue, pink, and cooler brown.
  3. Red Hair: If you have red hair, reds are great for you. But if you have orange hues, greens and golds will make the color pop. Dark red hair appears better with cool green or black frames.
  4. Blonde Hair: For warm blondes, you either have bronze or honey undertones. In this case, you need pink or peach frames. However, cool blondes with platinum or ash undertones need to consider blues, cool pinks, purples, and other earth tones.
  5. Gray Hair: Gray hair is usually pale so you need vibrant colors for a nice contrast. Warm browns, white, black, and gray colors are always a good fit.

What Glass Frames Should I Avoid If My Face is round-shaped?

It’s perfectly understandable to experiment with different glass frames. However, there are some frames that don’t accentuate round faces.

  • Round Glasses: Round glasses and face shapes do not always work because they don’t compliment them. Unfortunately, round faces fall under this list because round glasses will not add definition to your cheeks or jaw. Hence, round glasses will make your face appear even more round.
  • Small Frames: A small frame on a round face will make it appear bigger. For instance, small circular glasses are trendy but they won’t look great on a round face. Instead, they will look better on the angular features of a square face.
  • Totally Transparent or Skin-Colored Frames: The entire point of choosing the perfect frame for a round face is to create a contrast. Wearing transparent glasses or one with a similar color as your skin will not accentuate your features.
  • Wooden frames: There’s nothing wrong with wooden frames, in fact they are fashionable. However, they are most likely closer to your skin tones. So, they might not help improve the appearance of your face in any way.

How To Wear Glasses with Round Face: Combinations with Haircuts and Outfits

Your hairstyle frames and elevates your face and entire look. The last thing you want is to ruin that with the wrong pair of sunglasses. Here’s a list of the best glasses for some popular hairstyles:

  • Pony Tail: A ponytail is a simple style that shows off your face. Cat eye and oversized frame sunglasses are the perfect statement piece to accentuate your facial features.
  • Short Hair: Depending on the style, round frames work well with the classic bob. Also, rectangular frames look great with short curly hair because it balances off the angular sides.
  • Medium Length Hair: Slender rectangular glasses are an excellent option for medium length hair. The angular sides offsets the medium curls or waves for an esthetically pleasing balance.
  • Long Hair: Your choice of glasses for long hair depends on the volume. If you have a curly long hair style, you can rock geometric, cat eye, or oversized frames. However, if you have long, straight hair, lean towards bold, wide-rimmed glasses.

Your glass frames should always match your hairstyle, hair color, eyes, skin complexion, and outfit for a striking balance. It’s essential to consider these factors to accentuate the best parts of your face and prevent weird color combinations. Furthermore,

The Gist of it All

The perfect pair of sunglasses can take your look from a zero to a hundred quickly. Since round faces have full and smooth features, glasses with defined lines and angles are the best for men and women. In addition, the color of your skin, hair, and eyes are essential for purchasing a stunning pair.

So, ask yourself “am I proud of my sunglasses?” If your answer is no, you know what to do!


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