Dr. Mitch Anderson

Dr. Mitchell Anderson graduated from Broken Arrow High School in 1972 with his undergraduate and graduate education degrees coming to fruition at Tulsa Community College, Dallas Baptist University, University of Oklahoma, and Northeastern State University. He received his Bachelor of Science in Vision Sciences and attended Northeastern State University College of Optometry from 1979-1983.

Dr. Anderson’s accolades include completing his Doctorate of Optometry as the first graduate from Northeastern State University Optometry school, as well as holding numerous leadership roles throughout his schooling such as; senior class Vice President at Broken Arrow high school, and Kappa Sigma International Fraternity President at Dallas Baptist University. Dr. Anderson was also the class president at NSU College of Optometry for two years before serving on the College of Optometry Admissions Committee for two years.

Dr. Anderson owned and operated his own optometry clinic in Broken Arrow for 35 years before merging with Harrel Eyecare. You can find Dr. Anderson at our 82nd and Mingo location Monday- Thursday.

Outside of patient care, Dr. Anderson enjoys reading murder mystery novels and spending time with his wife, Becky, and their 5 grandchildren.