Eye Exams and More From Our Tulsa Optometrist

Eye Exams and More From Our Tulsa OptometristJan 26, 2018

At Harrel Eyecare, we take great pride in being the area’s trusted Tulsa optometrist. Offering a wide range of eye and vision care services, we’re able to provide you and your entire family with the quality, compassionate care you deserve. One of the more common services we provide here in our office is that of the routine eye exam, which we generally recommend for patients once a year.

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Why Are Routine Eye Exams So Important?

If it’s been more than a year since you last had an eye exam, then it’s time to schedule one with our optometrist. All too often, patients will make the assumption that if they haven’t noticed any changes in their eye health or overall vision quality within the last year, then it’s not necessary to come in for a routine eye exam.

The problem with this line of thinking is that this means you won’t see our eye doctor again until you’ve already noticed that something may be wrong. Any eye or vision damage (or other symptoms) that may have occurred could have worsened substantially and may be more difficult to treat.

When you come in for a routine eye exam, our professional eye care team is able to assess your eye and vision health, taking notice of even the smallest of changes that you may not otherwise notice yourself. This allows us to be proactive with your eye health, ordering necessary diagnostic testing and increasing our chances for successful treatment of any issues that may arise.

Schedule Your Eye Exam With Our Optometrist in Tulsa

If you’re interested in scheduling an eye exam or any other type of appointment with our optometrist in Tulsa, now is a great time to give Harrel Eyecare a call. You can reach us at (918) 745-9662. We look forward to serving you with our high standard of care