Contact Lenses For Dry Eyes In Tulsa, OK

Contact Lenses For Dry Eyes In Tulsa, OK

Dry eyes are a common problem for people who wear contact and in some cases it prevents someone from wearing contact lenses altogether. However, there are now a number of solutions designed to make your contact lens experience more comfortable and ensure you keep your dry eye symptoms to a minimum. We at Harrel Eyecare in Tulsa can help you select the right contact lenses for dry eyes, ensure they fit, and help you try different models to see what works for you.Man putting in contacts for dry eyes in Tulsa

Common Dry Eye Problems

Of course, dry eye problems affect many people who don’t wear contacts. However, often people without a dry problem initially can start to develop one as they wear contacts. This is especially the case if your actual contact lenses start to dry out while you’re wearing them.

Typical symptoms include red eyes, swelling, itching and a general feeling of irritation. Dry eyes are actually the top cause why people stop wearing their contacts, underlining just how big a problem this is.

Fortunately, there are now a variety of contact lens technologies that provide relief for many people. In most cases, people with dry eyes will find a pair that works for them.

Contact Lenses For Dry Eyes

Here are some of the brands that Harrel Eyecare can prescribe to you in order to help you overcome your dry eye symptoms:

Dailies Total 1 – This brand features disposable contact lenses that are used on a single-day use basis. Dailies Total 1 actually incorporate moisture into the lens, with the actual core of the lens consisting of 33 percent water while the front and back offer water content beyond 80 percent. This helps provide a comfortable surface for your eyes that many find improves their symptoms significantly.

Bausch + Lomb Ultra – This brand of contact lenses features silicone hydrogel material produced with MoistureSeal technology. This technology makes it one of the best choices for dry eyes, with MoistureSeal technology lasting up to 16 hours. This brand is also backed by a strong 90-day guarantee that allows you to return any unused contact lenses for a full refund.

Extreme H20 – This is another brand that is dedicated to reducing dry eye issues. Created by Hydrogel Vision, this contact lens feature a high moisture content water-based hydrogel lens. This helps bind water to the lens and allows you to maintain high moisture levels in your eye throughout the day. Many wearers also like that you can choose models that allow you to wear your contact lenses for one or two weeks depending on the one you choose. 

CooperVision Proclear – This brand is actually the only one that is approved by the FDA to actually claim that it may improve the symptoms of dry eyes for contact lens wearers. It features a high water content hydrogel lens which absorbs water and leaves your eyes moisturized for 12 hours at a time. You can also choose bifocal lenses, daily disposable lenses, and even toric contact lenses for those with irregularities in their eye, such as an astigmatism.

How Harrel Eyecare In Tulsa Helps

At Harrel Eyecare, we work with you to determine what is causing your dry eyes and prescribe you contact lenses, help you fit them to your eye, and discuss strategies to keep your eyes comfortable and moisturized each day.

If you want to make an appointment or have further questions, feel free to call us at (918) 745-9662 for our Harrel Eyecare Midtown office in Tulsa, 918-582-2020 for Harrel Eyecare Downtown or (918) 252-7432 for Harrel Eyecare South.