Vision Therapy In Tulsa, OK: FAQ

Vision Therapy In Tulsa, OK: FAQ

At Harrel Eyecare in Tulsa, we want our patients to feel comfortable and confident with the services they are receiving. We’ve put together a list of frequently asked questions to help you better understand vision therapy:Father and son looking at vision therapy FAQ

What Is Vision Therapy?

Vision Therapy is a treatment program for the eyes and the brain that can help treat conditions such as strabismus (crossed eyes), eye teaming, amblyopia (lazy eye), and learning-related vision disorders. It can be used to treat both adults and children, and has been shown to be highly effective.

What Does Vision Therapy Involve?

Vision Therapy involves vision exercise sessions which are used to treat the patient’s vision disorder. These exercise sessions often take place twice a week, supervised by your eye care provider, and can take between 30 to 60 minutes. The therapy treatment will continue until the patient’s visual processing shows improvement.

What Is The Purpose Of Vision Therapy?

Vision Therapy is used to help patients who need to improve visual skills that involve the eyes and brain. Through the use of these exercises, patients can see, interpret, and understand images accurately.

Is Vision Therapy Only For Strengthening Eye Muscles?

No. Vision Therapy can help strengthen eye muscles, but it’s mainly focused on improving overall vision problems that may inhibit learning. Vision Therapy is used to strengthen the neurological pathways between the brain and the eyes.

What Needs To Be Done Before Starting A Vision Therapy Program?

Before beginning a vision therapy program patients need to undergo a comprehensive vision exam. Your eye care provider will be able to determine whether or not vision therapy should be incorporated into your treatment.  

Does Vision Therapy Work?

Absolutely! Studies on vision therapy have shown that it is, in fact, effective in treating learning-related vision disorders.

Who Needs Vision Therapy?

Vision Therapy can be an effective treatment for both adults and children. Younger patients with learning or reading problems can greatly benefit from this type of therapy. In order to determine whether or not you need vision therapy, you’ll have to see your eye care professional. Vision Therapy can help adults treat eyestrain related vision processing problems that are often caused by staring at a computer screen all day.  

Is Vision Therapy Covered By Insurance?

This may vary. Most vision insurances do not cover vision therapy, however, most major medical insurance companies do. If you are unsure about whether or not your insurance covers your therapy, feel free to contact us and we will contact your insurance company. Our staff will be able to determine what type of coverage you have and what treatments it covers.

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