What is Vision Therapy?

What is Vision Therapy?

“With the vision therapy center established over 10 years now, we are seeing some of our early vision therapy graduates go to college and chase their dreams. There is nothing more rewarding in our practice than to hear their parents or themselves mention how vision therapy made pivotal difference in their lives.” -Dr. Monte Harrel

Vision therapy can simply be described as physical therapy for the eyes. Vision therapy is a series of guided activities and exercises to help visual problems that glasses alone don’t fix. It helps develop all of the visual skills that are required for reading and learning.

Vision therapy is a sequence of therapy procedures that are individually prescribed and monitored by the doctor to develop efficient visual skills and visual processing.

Only 3% of past patients surveyed have seen no improvement. The other 97% saw improvements in areas such as reading, handwriting, confidence, and other areas.

What type of vision problems does vision therapy help?

Oklahoma Vision Development Center provides therapeutic care for the follwoing vision problems:

Eye tracking

Eye teaming

Eye focusing

Learning Related Vision problems

Visual Processing

Computer related vision problems

Sports Vision Improvement

Acquired brain injury related vision problems

Level 1 and Level 2 Therapy

Level 1 Therapy: Level 1 Therapy is where we work on creating a good foundation for the child. If our vestibular (balance) is not working well with our auditory and visual systems we do not have a good foundation for doing activities such as reading, eye-hand coordination, audtiory processing, etc.

In our Level 1 Therapy we stimulate the visual, auditory, and vestibular systems simultaneously with light, sound, and motion. The child is on a motion table, listening to specialized music, while watching a light sequence.

This therapy has also been proven to help someone who has had a traumatic brain injury such as a stroke or a head injury from a fall.

Level 2 Therapy: Level 2 Therapy is for a child who has a good sensory foundation, but needs to work on other visual aspects such as visual processing or eye teaming.

In Level 2 Therapy we have a customized set of in-office activities that focus on the areas that need development. These activities include reading with accomodative flippers, memory exercises, arrows (to work on directionality), etc.

The program length for Level 2 Therapy varies depending on the diagnosis, but the most common lengths are 32, 40, or 48 sessions. Therapy occurs twice a week for 45 minutes/session.

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