Dry Eye: Causes and Symptoms

Dry Eye: Causes and Symptoms

Dry eye treatment

Dry Eye Treatment From Our Tulsa Optometrist

At Harrel Eyecare, our very own Tulsa optometrist, Dr. Monte Harrel, specializes in dry eye treatment. If you are suffering from dry eye, you know all-too-well the impact it can have on your life. Unfortunately, if ignored, dry eye can eventually lead to permanent corneal damage. This is why it is so important to have dry eye syndrome diagnosed and treated by a professional as soon as possible.

Common Causes of Dry Eye

There are many potential causes of dry eye syndrome, including both medical and physical factors. For instance, some people suffer from dry eye as a result of wearing the wrong contact lenses. In other cases, dry eye may be a side effect of a certain prescription medication a person is taking. Medical causes of dry eye, on the other hand, can include a failure of the tear glands to produce adequate lubrication as well as certain neurological conditions.

Sometimes, temporary dry eye may be experienced as a result of a person’s exposure to windy, smoky, or excessively dry conditions.

Risk Factors Associated With Dry Eye

Dry eye can also be an inherited condition, so those with a family history of this problem are more likely to develop it at some point in their lives. This is especially true for those who have immediate family members (such as parents or siblings) who suffer from the syndrome. It is also worth noting that dry eye is more common as you age and that those who suffer from autoimmune diseases are also more likely to experience it.

Signs and Symptoms of Dry Eye Syndrome

It is usually not difficult to pinpoint the common “red flags” of dry eye syndrome. The most common symptoms people with dry eye experience include an itchy or irritated feeling in one or both eyes. For those with more serious cases of the syndrome, it may even feel as though something is lodged inside the eye, such as a foreign object. Additional symptoms that are less common but still possible include excessively watery eyes, sensitivity to light, and unusual discharge or mucous coming from the eye. Furthermore, those who wear contact lenses may have a hard time doing so comfortably.

Dry Eye Relief and Treatment Options

The good news is that if you suffer from this condition, there are some dry eye relief and treatment options that we can offer right here at Harrel Eyecare. We always begin with an evaluation, where we perform a few simple and painless tests to help us determine the specific cause of your dry eye symptoms. From there, one of the more common treatments we provide is known as MiBoflow treatment, which utilizes a device that essentially delivers an enjoyable heat massage to the eyelids themselves. 

Other potential treatment solutions for dry eye that we can provide in our office include the use of punctal plugs or medicated eye drops to help soothe irritation and stimulate lubrication from the tear ducts and glands.

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