Tulsa Dry Eye Treatment at Harrel Eyecare Dry Eye Center

Tulsa Dry Eye Treatment at Harrel Eyecare Dry Eye Center


Can’t wear your contacts comfortably?

Blurry or hazy vision that fluctuates when you blink?

Itchy, gritty, or red eyes?

A variety of conditions and circumstances can affect your eye’s ability to produce and distribute the proper balance of tear film, with results that ranging from temporary eye irritation to permanent corneal damage.

If you’re experiencing red, itchy, painfully dry eyes in Tulsa, OK, get the problem diagnosed and treated as soon as possible by our experienced team here at Harrel Eyecare.

Our Approach to Dry Eye Relief

We are excited to provide the most advanced diagnostics and relief for dry eye in northeast Oklahoma!  Our dry eye examination will help determine the cause (s) of your dry eye, and allow us to take a very proactive approach to maintaining your comfortable clear vision.

We use the MiBoflow treatment as a part of most treatment plans.  This is a device that delivers a soothing heat massage for the eyelids.  This treatment releases hardened oils from the oil glands which feels great and provides sharper vision immediately for most people.

There are several other possible treatments for combating dry eyes, and we may recommend that you try a combination of them. It’s important to be proactive with dry eye issues because it progressively gets worse over time when not controlled.  

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We perform a few comfortable tests to determine the causes of your Dry Eye, and it includes a Miboflow warm heat treatment on the eyelids. 

The Dry Eye exam is covered by medical (not vision) insurance with your specialist co-pay or $150. 

Your Dry Eye Exam: What To Expect:

This is a specialty exam that uncovers causes of your dry eye symptoms and creates a proactive plan for comfort and better vision. The appointment will take 1 hour and will include: Tear sampling, imaging of the glands that produce our tears, and assessment by our Tulsa eye doctors to recommend a plan.

A Miboflo Heat treatment is performed on the eyelids. This is a very comfortable spa-like treatment on the eyelids to help cleanse and activate the glands that produce our tears.

What Causes Dry Eye?

dry eye relief Tulsa optometristTear film is an essential aspect of your eye’s well-being. This solution of water, oils and a substance called mucin is produced every time you blink, covering the entire exposed surface of the eye to protect it against dust, microorganisms and dehydration.

When the tear film’s quantity or balance is inadequate for its tasks, a condition called keratitis sicca develops. A chronically dry eye may appear red, feel itchy or burning, or give you the impression that some foreign body has invaded it. Over time, the affected eye or eyes may experience recurring infections, accumulation of scar tissue, and corneal ulcerations that impair vision. 

Dry eyes can occur for any number of reasons. If your dry eyes began shortly after trying contact lenses for the first time, the lenses could be the culprit. Long days spent staring at a computer monitor can contribute to dry eye by encouraging your eyes to blink less often, causing insufficient tear film to be produced.

Sleeping underneath an activated ceiling fan can also dry out your eyes, as can medications for hypertension, Parkinson’s disease, allergies and so on. Simply living in a dusty climate can cause or worsen a case of dry eyes. You may even be able to trace your dry eyes to a disorder of the tear ducts, eyelids, thyroid or autoimmune system — or to Bell’s palsy, which can make it difficult to close the affected eye completely.

Schedule your Dry Eye Exam today! Contact Harrel Eyecare today for an evaluation, and let us help you obtain relief from dry eyes!