Advanced Eye Exam Technology at Harrel Eyecare

Posted on 12-22-2016

At Harrel Eyecare we recommend regular eye examinations to make sure your vision and general health are in top shape. While an eye exam can tell whether you need a change in prescription and…

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What Are The Signs That My Child May Need Vision Therapy

Posted on 08-25-2016

Providing for the needs of a child may require an eye exam or vision test at an early age. Depending on the situation, a child may need vision therapy at Harrel Eyecare in Tulsa to learn to u…

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How to Keep Lenses Clean

Posted on 06-20-2016

Following these steps will extend the life of your contact lenses and protect the safety and health of your eyes.

Keep Lenses Clean

The type of lens you have determines how you care for it…

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How Long Does Vision Therapy Take?

Posted on 06-02-2016

If you are looking to find out how long it will take for vision therapy to kick in, you are not alone. Let’s explore this frequently-asked question. 

What Is Vision Ther…

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Does Vision Therapy Work for Convergence Insufficiency?

Posted on 05-19-2016

Children and adults converge their eyes each time they look at an object up close. This includes reading, looking at a cell phone and working on a laptop or tablet computer. When the eyes fail…

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