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Hard-to-Fit Contacts at Harrel Eyecare, Your Tulsa Optometrist

At Harrel Eyecare, our team works closely with you to ensure you have the best contact lenses and prescription eyewear for your needs. For some who visit our Tulsa optometrist, standard prescription contact lenses offer exactly the right solution. For others, there’s the need for more advanced care. We offer hard-to-fit contacts to meet most of our patient’s specific needs.

hard to fit contacts

Types of Hard to Fit Contacts

Hard-to-fit contact lenses in Tulsa can be found right here in our office. Some of the ones we offer include:

  • Gas permeable (GP) lenses are a good solution for patients who suffer from GPC or Keratoconus. A GP lens will limit protein deposits from accumulating which will reduce GPC symptoms. It is also effective in containing corneal bulging and relieving pressure on the tissue for a Keratoconus sufferer.
  • Toric lenses are useful for correcting astigmatism. Since the lens needs to align with the bulge it is correcting, toric lenses must not rotate in order to fit on the eye. They are typically custom made to correct a specific astigmatism. For that reason, this type of lens takes longer to make and costs more than a traditional contact lens.
  • Bifocal and multifocal lenses can help remedy presbyopia. Monovision lenses are another option for presbyopia. This type of lenses can have one fitted for distance vision and the other for seeing close objects.

 At Harrel Eyecare, we work closely with you to ensure you always have access to the most advanced and specific types of eye care necessary. We offer contact lenses for individuals with most types of vision concerns including for the following conditions.


Individuals who have astigmatism have an eye that curves slightly in the front to create a bulge or an oval shape. This distorts vision. We can correct it, with specialty contact lenses, that fit the eye better because of their flexibility.


Individuals who have presbyopia often need contact lenses designed for their specific eye shape. Those who have this condition have a difficult time focusing on objects and seeing them clearly. The condition is usually treatable with the right type of contact lens.


Those with this rather uncommon eye condition often suffer from pain or discomfort when wearing contact lenses of typical shape and style. That’s because the cornea is too thin. This causes the eye to bulge in a forward position. This creates a cone-like shape, causing the need for specialized contact lenses.


Those who have this form of conjunctivitis will need a specialty type of contact lens. This condition causes inflammation in the inner surface of the eyelid, making traditional contact lenses painful. Traditional contact lenses have a protein buildup that can cause pain.

Which Contact Lenses Are Right for You?

When you come in to see your optometrist in Tulsa, our first goal will be to provide a thorough evaluation. We’ll determine if you need contact lenses or prescription eyeglasses. We can also determine if that prescription has changed from a previous visit. Our goal then is to determine the proper type of contact lenses for your needs.

If we deem traditional contact lenses are not right for you, we may recommend additional options. We offer contact lenses such as the following for the treatment of many eye conditions:

Gas Permeable Contact Lenses are a good option for those with Keratoconus and GPC due to the limited protein deposits they create. They can handle the bulging present as well.

Toric Lenses are a common treatment for astigmatism because they fit properly around the bulging of the eye. They are custom made to fit your eyes properly.

Multifocal Lenses, including bifocals, give you the ability to see at a better level even as your vision changes as you get older.

Schedule Your Consultation for Contact Lenses in Tulsa Today

Visit us at Harrel Eyecare for your hard-to-fit contact lens needs. We sell most of the top brands you need including Biotrue, Biofinity, Menicon, Cooper Vision, and Bausch & Lomb. Call us for an appointment: (918) 745-9662 in our Tulsa offices for a consultation and to order contact lenses.

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